1. Music Consulting

    The Music Strategy integrated into the Marketing System of a Brand ensures great advantages in terms of audience engagement. We help clients approach music on a strategic level and understand Music's impact on business growth. Music is a universal language, the most ancient form of communication, even more powerful than words, it communicates in a direct way and without filters to the unconscious mind. Music takes us inside our feelings, leads us throughout our experiences and opens the doors of our memories. 

    Imagine your life without Music.

  2. Music Production

    We produce Music for Advertising, Filmmaking, Arts, Fashion and many other industries. This means tailor making the product according to your needs. Through an internaltional network of musicians and composers who believe in Mokamusic, we are able to propose different customizable musical solutions in a short time period. Quality is the focus, your happiness is the main goal to achieve. Our strengths? The Passion for notes together with the multiannual know-how in music production.

    Tell us who you are and we will compose the Music you need.

  3. Music Search

    From Classic to Contemporary, from Jazz to Electronic, from Rock to Pop Music, going through all the other genres, we find the most suitable pieces of Music for any type of project, considering client's budget and his communicative needs. We speak to the Majors and with loyal international partners looking for music proposals able to tell the stories and the values of the brands who believe in us, in an incisive and unforgettable way.

    Let the Music tell your story.

  4. Licensing & Clearance

    Licensing, as well as music consulting and production, represent the core business of Mokamusic. We handle any type of music negotiations, both on a national and international base, doing our best to guarantee clients the acquisition of the licenses for the usage of pieces of music, we also support them in solving legal problems linked to the wrong usage of music authorizations. To this day various important brands have trusted us.

    If you are looking for competence and transparency, let’s have a coffee together.

  5. Sound Branding

    Design recognizable and unforgettable identities by the creation of customized Music and Sounds, is one of our main goals. Jingles, sound logos, brand songs, are extremely powerful tools for the brands that aim to be connected to their audience. Music and sounds ad hoc created, tear down any barriers and contribute to place the image of a brand inside the human brain incisively. The sense of hearing has claimed its presence in an integrated communication system oriented to give a multi-level brand experience.

    Let’s sew your sound identity together.

  6. Sound Design

    Innovative systems of sounds to trigger memories and make people's feelings indelibly. We elaborate sound effects with the purpose to give value to any type of audio-visual creation on all media channels. Both in Advertising and in Filmmaking, on TV and on the Radio, in Museum installations and in Live Events or in Fashion Shows, the sound engineering field expertise, combined with the use of innovative and technologic tools, keep pushing us to experiment and offer innovative solutions.

    Our watchwords? Amaze, Entertain, Communicate.